Fondation des États-Unis | January 9-29: Exhibition – « 3 4 5 6 … Dead » by Julian Demontelle and Maximilien Gremaud | Opening on January 8 @7pm
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January 9-29: Exhibition – « 3 4 5 6 … Dead » by Julian Demontelle and Maximilien Gremaud | Opening on January 8 @7pm

The Fondation des Etats-Unis is pleased to present the exhibition « 3 4 5 6 … Dead » by Julian Demontelle, former resident at the FEU, and Maximilien Gremaud, current artist-in-residence. The exhibtion will take place from January 9 to 29, and will open on Wednesday, January 8 as part of Art-Hop-Polis.

« Stories usually depict characters who overcome their obstacles. Whether or not they begin with favorable or unfortunate circumstances, they seem to eventually surmount their difficulties. Thus, faults are reparable and the errors committed are never entirely condemning. Through their own efforts, characters realize their obstructed goals are always attainable. This outlook is undeniably optimistic.

Today, however, it seems the world poses only surmountable obstacles. We realize climate change exists and that our efforts will stabilize the earth’s temperature. We believe our individual ambitions will launch us into successful lives. We believe, generally, tomorrow will be better than today or at least not as bad. When did we become so confident? It would seem as though tragedy has completely disappeared from our daily lives. Catastrophe is no longer inevitable, but merely a consequence of our misunderstanding.

You are invited to submerge yourself within a dramatic experience illustrating the tumult of tragedy and the hopes of human certainty. Witness the overbearing weight that may overcome each and every one of us. Spy upon merciless fate and its attempts to swallow us whole. Reckon with the inevitability of tragedy. »

~ Julian Demontelle & Maximilien Gremaud

About the artists

An American born in 1991, Julian Demontelle portrays contemporary tragedies. His works are both angst-ridden and palpably tormented. Through scribbles, symbology and bodily manipulation he provides apologies to human struggles. Every painting captures a life bordering upon meaninglessness. A recurring motif becomes recreating value after losing sense of self and thereafter everything else. The artist has a philosophy background and is currently pursuing a PhD.

Maximilien Gremaud was born in France in 1994. After studying at Versailles’ University of Fine Arts, he received a B.A. in art history from the Louvre Art School. Afterwards, he was accepted to the Superior School of Social Sciences (EHESS), where he studies drawing, painting, and sculpture. In 2013, he exhibited his works at the annual exhibition held at the Autumn Salon. His strives to demonstrate the links between the emotion and the rational.


Wednesday, January 8 from 7-8:30pm in presence of the artists as part of Art-Hop-Polisart hopping at the Cité internationale. Find the program on Citéscope and follow the Facebook page for more information.

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 10am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 5:30pm.
Evenings or weekends by appointment only:

Exceptional Openings

– Sunday, January 12 at 6:15pm after the Rendez-vous Musical #65 with Julian Demontelle
– Sunday, January 26 at 6:15pm after the Rendez-vous Musical #66 with Maximilien Gremaud