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Upcoming Events


Every Wednesday @ 7pm: Online Art-Hop-Polis

Art-Hop-Polis goes online for the confinement period! Take a virtual artistic tour of the Cité internationale ! Every Wednesday at 7pm, the residences that take part in Art-Hop-Polis will invite you to discover an artist or exhibition. This will be a great opportunity to e-meet...

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Lunchtime Live

Every Thursday @12:30pm : Lunchtime Live

The musicians in residence at FEU will play live via social media on Thursdays at 12.30pm for the duration of the quarantine. Start your lunchbreak with a few minutes of music! This is opportunity for them to present the pieces they are working on, and...

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Entete FB

90TH ANNIVERSARY | Fondation des Etats-Unis’ New Logo

The Fondation des Etats-Unis turns 90 today! A grand age that we would have liked to celebrate with you in our beautiful 1930s residence. An online celebration it will be for now, welcoming the FEU into its 10th decade with a new look! We are...

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couverture rendez vous musical 63

Sunday, March 8 @5pm : Rendez-vous Musical #69

The musicians in residence and Harriet Hale Woolley scholars are looking forward to seeing you in the Grand Salon on Sunday, March 8 for the next Rendez-vous Musical. This informal concert series is an opportunity for them to present the pieces they are working on, and for the audience...

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