Fondation des États-Unis | Wednesday, December the 16th @7:30pm : Contemporary saxophone concert by Wilson Poffenberger
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Wednesday, December the 16th @7:30pm : Contemporary saxophone concert by Wilson Poffenberger

Wilson Poffenberger is a saxophonist and educator based out of Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. Wilson currently studies at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Boulogne-Billancourt under the tutelage of Jean-Michel Goury. While holding a position as a graduate assistant in classical saxophone at the Dana School of Music, Wilson taught private saxophone lessons to both major and non-majors. As well as coaching various undergraduate saxophone quartets. He also held a private studio in the Youngstown area providing lessons to students of all levels.
This concert of contemporary American music organized by La Fondation des Etats-Unis, will highlight the saxophone in different kind of musical styles.

The Program:

Faralle Cotte  by Marc Mellits for Soprano Saxophone and Bb Clarinet – 1:15

Cradle  by Alexis Bacon for Alto Saxophone and Fixed Media – 8:30
The impetus behind “Cradle” was to explore the inherent musicality of baby talk. In working with recordings of my infant niece, I came to the realization that many vocalizations made by children have a simultaneously primal and anxious quality, which I augmented with similar screams, growls, and laughter from the alto sax. This high-energy sound is centered and balanced through recordings of a tabla.

Oblique Motions II**  by Aaron Lockhart for Soprano Saxophone and Piano 7:05
« Oblique Motions II » is the second in a series of works that derives its title from an aspect of species counterpoint in which one pitch moves while the other remains unchanged. In this case, the soprano sax has numerous iterations of solely Eb — albeit in three different octaves — while the piano circles around it in different registers. The soft dynamic and slow pacing allow for listeners to focus on the sustained sonorities of the piano and the quality of the vibrations produced by the juxtaposition of the saxophone.

Triptych**  by Alex Miller for Unaccompanied Soprano Saxophone 5:00

Frozen Atmospheres  by Andrew Cole for Alto Saxophone and Video 11:00
Frozen Atmospheres for Alto Saxophone and Video was written in Wisconsin, a particularly cold and snowy part of the US. The work is comprised of three short movements each of which strives to convey a different affect. The electronic portion of the work uses many different samples, from saxophones, a large trash can, and water, to ice melting and a prayer bell. While writing Frozen Atmospheres I was thinking of my experiences living in both Maine and Wisconsin and the frozen otherworldly nature of the winters in each location.

Free entry. Join the Facebook event page here.