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Why Donate

In 1930, American philanthropists and Francophiles Homer & Mabel Gage’s extraordinary fundraising campaign made it possible to build a unique house for American students in Paris at the Cité internationale, a green campus of 40 houses in a 90-acre park. They shared the ideals of the Cité’s founders: by living together and sharing the best years of their lives, students from all over the world would build peace for the future.


The Fondation des Etats-Unis is a unique building dedicated to Franco-American friendship, its upkeep and preservation is key to maintaining affordable housing for a diverse population of American and international students in Paris in Paris.


Since its construction, donors have played a leading role in supporting the Fondation des Etats-Unis. As an independent non-government organization, the Fondation relies on individual and corporate generosity to meet its yearly operating expenses. Individual and corporate donors can benefit from a tax credit while supporting the Fondation des États-Unis.


The United States House is now launching a new fundraising campaign to renovate its magnificent Art-Déco building, its Grand Salon and library, its artists’ studios and spacious individual rooms, all in a spirit of sustainability and innovative eco-friendly building practices.


Your contribution will help hundreds of young American and international students embrace a life-changing experience in an international context.


Current projects include:

    • improving the standard rooms by integrating bathroom units and modernizing the furniture
    • changing the original concrete floors for better sound proofing
    • upgrading the communal kitchens
    • decorating and refurbishing the recreation room in the basement
    • renovating the art and music studios on the 5th floor


You can also help fund the Fondation’s vibrant cultural program by sponsoring one of the events or equipment necessary to produce them. To read more about the Fondation’s cultural season, please see here


Peace is created every day, through encounters with others.

Fiscal Incentives

Individual and corporate donors can benefit from a tax credit while supporting the Fondation des Etats-Unis.

The FEU’s HelloAsso page.

In France

  • Income Tax (IRPP)
    66% of your donation can be deducted from your income tax, up to 20% of your taxable income. This tax reduction can be spread out over a period of 5 years for large donations that are above the 20% cap.
    Example: A donation of €1,000 only costs €340 after deduction.
    Please see
    here for further details.
  • Wealth Tax (ISF Impôt sur la fortune)
    75% of the amount of the donation can be deducted from this tax with a cap set at €50,000.
    Example: If you pay €1,000 of ISF, you can make a donation of €1,333 and reduce the amount of ISF you have to pay to €0.

    Please see here
    for further details.
  • Corporate Tax (IS Impôt sur les sociétés)
    Companies benefit from a 60% tax break with a cap of 0.5% of the company turnover. The balance can be spread out over a period of 5 years for large donations above the 0.5% cap.
    Example: A donation of €10,000 costs €1,000 after the tax break.

    Please see here for further details.

In the United States

The Fondation des États-Unis is a member of CAF America. Contributions by American donors are fully tax-deductible.

Individual/Corporate Gifts

There are a number of ways to support the Fondation des États-Unis. Many of these could provide you or your estate with significant tax benefits, while providing a very generous gift to the Fondation.

Planned gifts may include :

  • Will bequests
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Life insurance gifts
  • Life income gifts – gifts from which you (or another) can receive lifetime income
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and other retirement savings plan gifts
  • Donation-in-kind (furniture, instrument, etc.)


For more information or confidential help in planning your gift to support the future of the Fondation des États-Unis, please contact:


Fondation des Etats-Unis
15 Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris

Tel: +33 1 53 80 68 82


How to Donate

Donations of all amounts help make the Fondation des États-Unis goals reality. Shortly after the receipt of your donation, the Fondation will send you all of the necessary paperwork for tax purposes (for donations made in France). Please contact us for further information on how to make a payment in France or the United States (via CAF America).


Thanks to the generous support of public and private donors, the Fondation des États-Unis has been able to restore its Art Deco frescoes and a small part of the residence.

  • The Florence Gould Foundation
  • The Conseil Supérieur du Mécénat Culturel
  • David Rockefeller, Sr.
  • J.P Morgan
  • Noel & Michele Moore
  • Felix & Heather Baker
  • James & Andrea Kiernan
  • United States Embassy

Complete list coming soon…