The Fondation des Etats-Unis is undergoing an ambitious project to reconstitute the last in the series of six historically significant frescoes painted by Robert la Montagne Saint-Hubert from 1929-1930.

The Grand Salon

Graced with seven meter-high windows overlooking an enclosed rose garden, the Grand Salon is home to the rich and vibrant cultural season at the Fondation des Etats-Unis. The hall is a welcoming space for concerts, lectures, and receptions and boasts an excellent Steinway Concert Grand piano.

A small art gallery overlooks the Grand Salon, and serves as an exhibition and reception space throughout the season.

The Grand Salon is also home to a series of historically significant frescoes painted in the winter of 1929/30 by the French fresco artist Robert la Montagne Saint-Hubert.

Panoramic view of the Grand Salon, the frescoes, and its gallery
The Collection
Large Frescoes

The series of six frescoes in the Grand Salon includes a pair of large frescoes, "Les Sports" and "Le Chant d'Orphée":

A detail from "Les Sports"
A detail from "Le Chant d'Orphée"
Small Frescoes

The series also contains a group of four smaller frescoes depicting the Four Ages of French Art -- "La Période romane", "La Période mystique", "La Renaissance", and "Versailles":

A detail from
"La Période mystique"
A detail from
"La Renaissance"
A detail from

The two large and three smaller frescoes along with the Grand Salon were renovated during the 1990’s with generous support from the Florence Gould Foundation, David Rockefeller, Jr., and the Conseil Supérieur du Mécénat. Due to extensive damage during World War II, the fourth smaller fresco entitled «la Période romane» was judged too deteriorated to be restored.

Discovering "la Période romane"

A rare, black and white photograph recently found in the archives the Kandinsky library at the Pompidou Center has given a new face to “La Période romane”. Colored by artists Thomas Murphy and Thomas Ufras, the photo gives a stunningly vivid impression of the original work.

Colored image of "La Période romane"

Recognized Historical Monuments

Soon after the discovery of the archived photo of "La Période romane", a parallel project was begun to have the Grand Salon and its frescoes officially recognized as historical monuments by the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC) Ile-de-France. After many months of detailed research and examination, the Fondation was granted the prestigious distinction in September 2009.

The Reconstitution

The expert restoration team which was originally chosen to rennovate the Grand Salon and the first 5 frescoes in 1994-95 have been reassembled to reconstitute the last, fallen fresco. After initial sketches, research, and studio trials, the team will entirely reconstruct "La Période romane" according to the original techniques and materials.

The project is largely financed by a generous matching grant from the Florence Gould Foundation, and seeks additional private and corporate donors to respond to the project's financial needs.


To find out more about this project and contribution opportunities, please contact :

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