Fondation des États-Unis | Friday, December 2 at 8 pm: Plato Gymnasium | Show followed by a debate
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Friday, December 2 at 8 pm: Plato Gymnasium | Show followed by a debate

GYMNASE  PLATON un show – a debate
THE REPUBLIC Book I  – what is justice ?

Nine houses of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris transform their living room into a gymnasium and invite you to practice the playful exercise of thought. Installed around a central playing area, the public is put in a position to be a direct witness of the confrontation between Socrates and the young Thrasymachus who asserts that justice is in the interest of the strongest!

In the most political of his dialogues, Plato takes us to task and comes, with a biting irony, to prick us in our received ideas. The outcome of the dispute does not decide in favour of any of the protagonists and it is up to us to complete a thought left open.

A show served by four virtuoso actors who hold us for an hour in suspense in a theater of the dispute of ideas.


The Republic Book I – what is justice ?
stage production : Grégoire Ingold
with: Jean-Luc Colin, Bounsy Luang-Phinith and Heidi Brouzeng in alternance, Brahim Tekfa, Philippe Vincenot
length : 55mn followed by a free exchange on the theme of dialogue
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Gymnase Platon is an artistic creation and action program subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and National Education.

Calendar of performances:

Tuesday 29 November
20h – Deutsch de la Meurthe Foundation
Wednesday 30 November
20h – Spanish College
Thursday 01 December
8pm – South East Asia Students’ House
Friday 02 December
8pm – Fondation des Etats-Unis
Saturday 03 December
20h – Maison de la Tunisie
Tuesday 06 December
8pm – Canadian Students’ House
Wednesday 07 December
8pm – House of Mexico
Thursday 08 December
20h – House of Portugal
Friday 09 December
20h – Collège Franco Britannique

Free entry, reservation required. Spots limited. :