Fondation des États-Unis | February 25 to March 19: Miniartextil « Parcours Hors-les-Murs » | In partnership with the Mairie de Montrouge
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February 25 to March 19: Miniartextil « Parcours Hors-les-Murs » | In partnership with the Mairie de Montrouge

The Fondation des Etats-Unis is delighted to participate in Miniartextil’s Parcours Hors-les-Murs. This exhibition, which has been taking place in Montrouge since 13 years, can been seen at the Beffroi until March 19. Continue your visit at the Cité internationale, where 9 houses are participating in the Hors-les-Murs circuit. Do not miss the « Sanglier » sculpture by Jean-Philippe Hausey-Leplat at the Fondation.

Oeuvre credit

The Miniartextil brochure is available here.

The artist

Born in 1950, Jean-Philippe Hausey-Leplat lives and works in Normandy. Former industrial draftsman, ex-director of a castle of which he oversaw the restoration, this art enthusiast became interested in the world of sculptors later in his career. Rather than using conventional materials, he preferred to adopt an original mode of expression which gives him the advantage of flexibility. He shapes his sculptures in a chicken wire fence and when it has reached the desired shape, he covers it with fresh plaster and fills it with pieces of burlap from cereal, spice or charcoal packages. His work is very precise, but does not come from any direct measurements. It is through the preliminary study, drawings and photographs that he reaches a sufficient tactile knowledge of the animals he presented. The subjects he treats (farm animals, pets, wild animals) are always chosen for the muscular power they possess, which the personal process of the artist accounts for in a striking manner. Jean-Philippe Hausey-Leplat exhibits in Paris, Annecy, USA and Italy.


Opening Hours
Every day from 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 19:00

Exceptional closure day on Thursday 26 March at 3pm!

Opening – Saturday February 25
4 pm : free shuttle leaves from the Beffroi to the CIUP ( after the 3pm guided tour of the Beffroi )
For your booking, please write an email at: (limit of 15 places)