Fondation des États-Unis | December 11 through March : Meeting – Why we read ?
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December 11 through March : Meeting – Why we read ?



Reading changes and nourishes our relationship with the world around us and with others. It influences and helps form our sense of self. Reading accompanies us through our lives, a subtle presence, and companion. We ask you to join us in a cycle of forums with authors, academics, and passionate bibliophiles to discuss the influence of reading in our lives, and on our paths. This cycle traces the journey of Christopher Alexander Gellert through the homes of readers, as they broke bread together to converse about the role of reading in their lives, its essential place.

We invite you to enter in the intimate shared space of these literary dinners through audio-recordings and photos, and to discover the books that have marked the lives of the participants, as well as to leave your own in an exchange. A reading room in perpetual evolution will offer a glimpse into each chapter in this voyage, as well as space to share stories about literature’s influence.

The project will take place from December 11th through March 2018 in partnership with La Fondation des États-Unis, the student organization Politik’Art, the office of student life of Paris 7, and Crous Action Culture.

Programme prévisionnel

 December 13 2017 :  Sophie Vasset « If I were sick, I would finally have time to read » Paris 7, Bibliothèque des Grand Moulins, 

In Her essay on illness, which has become a commonplace in the field of medical humanities, Virginia Woolf questions the effects of illness on the reader, and the manner in which the experience of illness deconstructs the reader and their expectations. She explores a series of texts, both classic and popular, examining the reader’s perceptions, as well as that of the character. 

January 25, 2018 :  « Lire le genre », Fondation des États-Unis ( to be confirmed)

February 8,2018 :  Pierre Zaoui « Lire le boudoir », Paris 7, Bibliothèque des Grand Moulins

March 19, 2018: Dominique Rabaté « Lire le roman, pour se trouver ou se perdre ? », Paris 7, Bibliothèque des Grand Moulins