Fondation des États-Unis | May 13-15 @ 8.30pm: (RETRO)SPECTIVE by Fériel Boushaki
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May 13-15 @ 8.30pm: (RETRO)SPECTIVE by Fériel Boushaki

An interactive show by Fériel Boushaki
Artistic and sportive performances
Tuesday the 13th, Wednesday the 14th & Thursday the 15th, 20h30 in the Hall of the Fondation

Free entrance / Reservation here

Speakers: Garush MELKONYAN ; Don-Paul KAHL ; Virginia GAMNA ; Jean-Christophe HUC ; Nayoung KIM ; Emilie Mc DERMOTT ; Sheryl MEHANNA ; Constant VANDERCAM

« To a headstrong rhythm at the piano, a boy runs into space, posing and picking up half tennis balls; while beside him a girl wearing a lifejacket waves a sign « count nevermind the point ».

(Retro)spective is a compilation in performative form of several projects conducted in recent years by the artist Fériel BOUSHAKI, played by a team of a dozen performers. The piece uses original materials inherited from Charlie CHAPLIN, Tristant GARCIA, Michel POLNAREFF, as well as Warner Bros Studio.

For this staging, Fériel BOUSHAKI organizes these achievements in the form of an unwound. The grotesque and nostalgia are at the heart of the celebration, where the imagination and sporting elements are diverted, addressing the notion of success. The course uses the interactivity of sports objects to test the vulnerability hidden in each performing body.

This great mix mocks protocol, elitism and performance ideology in the era of contemporary performance. He opens a retroactive off-field, humorous and questioning the stakes of each discipline. »